Living A Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Hey, I'm Allison - A Chicago-based blogger who's here to show you that being gluten-free and healthy can be an everyday affair. I also have a thought or two about how to be financially savvy in your twenties...and beyond! So why read my blog? My sister was diagnosed with celiac disease her Junior year of high school, and I with a gluten allergy not too long after that. Going gluten-free changed my life in lots of positive ways: my migraines disappeared, my digestion became more regular, and my itchy skin (which was constant) subsided for the most part. While these things made my life much better, the gluten-free lifestyle came with challenges of its own. Traveling, entertaining, even dating can be tricky when dealing with gluten. So I like to share my go-to recipes and favorite gluten-free products for those who might be new to the gluten-free lifestyle or are looking for inspiration.

USA Today College: Why I wish Money 101 were a required college class

My four years at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, taught me many things: how not to turn laundry pink, that Bagel Bites aren’t dinner. I also learned about financial literacy — even though, like laundry and nutrition, it was strictly through self-study. There just wasn’t much financial education offered to students outside the business school. So even though money management is a key part of every adult’s life, personal finance wasn’t part of my formal education. (I did, however, have to take to geology courses.)